Gordon Brown / Obama videos

Right then, lets see if I can work out how to embed  video.  Hopefully I’ll figure it out, cos that’s kind of the whole point of this blog (in as much as any blog has a point).

With a bit of luck, here’s a thing I did a while ago, made from Gordon Brown’s speech to the 2008 Labour Party Conference.  Like most of the stuff I’m going to post here, it’s not really safe for work.  It was my first real attempt at video editing, having previously only worked with audio.  So if it’s rubbish, that’s my excuse.

And now a link to a video I made for The Times Online, constructed from Obama’s inauguration speech.

According to the accompanying blurb, I’m a ‘mash up artist’, which I’m not sure I’m too keen on.  Of course, it’s fairly standard for musicians and the like to reject any genre labels the press give them, but really, ‘mash up’?  Mashing is what you do to potatoes, a simple pummelling process that a caveman could do.  I’d like to think the work that went into these videos was a bit more sophisticated (even if the level of humour would be pretty familiar to the caveman).  I think I prefer the term ‘Cut and paste’,  if only because there’s a lot of Ctrl X  and Ctrl V action involved (as opposed to the almost complete lack of potato mashers).


Well, that all seemed to work okay.  I got a bit waffley in the middle there, but if you can’t waffle on a blog, where can you?


2 responses to “Gordon Brown / Obama videos

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  2. Are you using the adobe speech recognition function in premier? If not might want to check it out. Tho you might rather enjoy watching months worth of the apprentice. I personnaly would love to hear more about your process tho I know you have done some rather well descriptive bits on it. Glad to see some video keep making us laugh we all need it.

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