Hello world!

hullo world hullo clouds hullo sky.

o dere, i seem to hav started a blog chiz chiz chiz

wot now?

10 responses to “Hello world!

  1. At least you started something, and you have got a following to boot. Must be something good keep up the good work and i will keep buying.

  2. i care not a row of buttons whether it was a gole or not cassetteboy alone is wonderful

  3. O yu are totally wet an a weed. As any fule no, you keep ritin an mashin an we keep goin har har har har har.

  4. Nice work on The Apprentice video, very clever! Keep up the good work!

  5. Nigel Molesworth

    down wiv skool!!!??

  6. Freddy Fucken Mac

    Hey man i done pissed away 50 fucken billion, so i dont have to give nobody shit. That’s that fire baby! that’s that fire!!

  7. Kate Bush anyone?

  8. yar boo sucks ZOOM to skool piano PLUNK mashup


  10. Please,please,please do Tom Cruise on Scientology, he’s just asking for it. Also more on big brother and more on Bush. But yeah, great stuff, always cracks me up.

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