Nick Griffin

Long time no post.

So, I’ve finally done a new video, it’s this rather rushed take on Question Time featuring the BNP’s very own Nick Griffin (they can keep him).

Thanks to everyone who has left comments about previous Cassetteboy videos, I really appreciate it. As is pretty obvious by now, I’m quite rubbish at this whole blog thing. I don’t check it very often, so if you want to get in touch with me, please send me a message via youtube, and I’ll probably forget to check that as well.

The Bloody Apprentice

Let’s try that again shall we…

I’ve laid on a very nice treat for you, it’s this video of The Apprentice.

A quick word of warning first – it’s a little bit smutty, so if you watch it at work, one of you will get fired.

I’ve been working on this video for a couple of months, on and off.  I watched 45 episodes of The Apprentice (most of them several times), and material from 43 of them made it into the final piece.  Basically, it was a lot of work.

Oh, one more thing. If you’ve never heard our stuff before, you might like to check out some of our earlier, audio-only pieces on youtube. I particularly recommend the David Attenborough and Jamie Oliver ones.

Cassetteboy youtube channel

UPDATE: You asked for t-shirts (well, probably not you specifically, but a few people did). So, in a blatant attempt to cash in on a short-lived internet fad, here they are:

Cassetteboy’s Emporium Of Crap


Ah, now my evil scheme is revealed.  This whole blog malarky is just an excuse for an exciting retail opportunity.

Seriously though, if you’ve got a few quid burning a hole in your pocket, you could do worse than chucking some of it in my direction, in return for some quality products.  After all, I don’t think the ‘internet video editing’ business model is really going to work out for me:

1) Spend bloody ages editing a funny video.  And I really do mean ages.  Months sometimes.

2) Put the video on the internet.

3) Let everyone watch it for free.

…and that’s where it all falls down really.  Thinking about it, it’s a bit similar to Cassetteboy’s previous business model:

1) Spend bloody ages editing a funny album.  And I really do mean ages.  Years sometimes.

2) Album appears on the interent.

3) Everyone listens to it for free.

I don’t want to come across like a hypocrite though, ‘cos man I love those free internet albums.  And videos.  As soon as they figure out how to pirate food via peer-to-peer file sharing networks, I’ll never have to spend any money ever again.

(I’ve just thought about how that might work, and it’s quite put me off my dinner, I can tell you).

Where was I?

Oh yes, give me some money.  If you want.  I mean, it will only encourage me.

Currently available are the following exciting products:

Cassetteboy – Carry On Breathing

Our latest album.  Adam and Joe recently played some tracks from it on their great 6music show.  They said it was “very enjoyable stuff indeed” as well as saying something about our being Joe’s new boyfriend.

Cassetteboy – Dead Horse

Our previous album.  It’s a bit like a greatest hits I suppose, certainly if you’ve seen us play live, a lot of the tracks you will have heard came from this one.

Michael Bollen – Earth Inc

Once upon a time I wrote a funny book, and it was called Earth Inc.  (Don’t worry, the standard of narrative in the book is better than that.)  You can read some extracts from it here:

And that’s it.  We don’t have copies of any of our other albums any more, so I guess you can go ahead and download those guilt free.  Woo-hoo!

The other stuff you can buy from our friends at Spymania, here’s the link:

Thanks.  You won’t regret it.

UPDATE: A few people wanted t-shirts. Never let it be said that I don’t listen to public opinion. Ladies and gentlemen, I rather apologetically present:

Cassetteboy’s Emporium Of Crap

When things have quietened down a bit, I might see if we can do some others with ‘classic’ Cassetteboy quotes on (“18 bottles of piss and a matching t-shirt” from this would seem like an obvious choice). If you have any other suggestions, please leave a comment.

Gordon Brown / Obama videos

Right then, lets see if I can work out how to embed  video.  Hopefully I’ll figure it out, cos that’s kind of the whole point of this blog (in as much as any blog has a point).

With a bit of luck, here’s a thing I did a while ago, made from Gordon Brown’s speech to the 2008 Labour Party Conference.  Like most of the stuff I’m going to post here, it’s not really safe for work.  It was my first real attempt at video editing, having previously only worked with audio.  So if it’s rubbish, that’s my excuse.

And now a link to a video I made for The Times Online, constructed from Obama’s inauguration speech.

According to the accompanying blurb, I’m a ‘mash up artist’, which I’m not sure I’m too keen on.  Of course, it’s fairly standard for musicians and the like to reject any genre labels the press give them, but really, ‘mash up’?  Mashing is what you do to potatoes, a simple pummelling process that a caveman could do.  I’d like to think the work that went into these videos was a bit more sophisticated (even if the level of humour would be pretty familiar to the caveman).  I think I prefer the term ‘Cut and paste’,  if only because there’s a lot of Ctrl X  and Ctrl V action involved (as opposed to the almost complete lack of potato mashers).

Well, that all seemed to work okay.  I got a bit waffley in the middle there, but if you can’t waffle on a blog, where can you?

Hello world!

hullo world hullo clouds hullo sky.

o dere, i seem to hav started a blog chiz chiz chiz

wot now?